Saturday, June 6, 2009

The absence

D300 - 100 mm, 1/400 sec f/11, ISO 200

Of the many days we shared
I am left with unfocused images,
indistinct tastes
and a hardened heart.

Yet this chant from the past has no consistency
all it takes is a single instant
to wake up
and smile.


  1. A sad photo, a sad first stanza, and hope in the second. It can be that awakening, yes?

  2. Lovely, thanks for the reminder to look for hope out of despair. :D

  3. dear friends.. thank you for your comments. Let me just say that I am training myself to look things differently. Whether this is a new start only time can say.

  4. I too, need some training, to look at the worlds different hues. Perhaps some reading will help... :0)

  5. These are uncertain times, and a change is imminent. I can't foresee when and how, but I know the more I hold on to the past, the slower and more painful it'll be.

  6. Sometimes it is difficult to let go of what we know, we cling to the past where we feel safe and reject change. However, the future is never as bleak as we fear and once we embrace the change we often find we have moved on to something better.

    There is hope in your verse AC and I am glad. Hope is a bright light that never fades. Stay strong and I wish you well whatever changes you face.

  7. that was lovely!!!

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  8. Oi' what an absence!! Where are you AC? ;D

  9. @ Strawberry girl: still here... maybe not exactly in one piece though ;-)

  10. I'll get some duct tape, we'll get you fixed up K?

    Seriously, I hope your alright.