Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer mood

Today it was a tough day, and I spare you the details. When I got back home I felt the urge to play music again. While tuning my cello after many years of inactivity I broke 1 string. Stubborn as never before, I went on tuning the instrument, carelessly planning on playing with three strings and I broke another one.
All things conjuring up against me? No, it is only an unmistakable sign I need a break. Hopefully a relaxing one.

P.S. I know.. this is no poetry nor anything insightful but don't I deserve a little rant every now and then?


  1. I've done this before on the rare instances I want to play my violin. I didn't know u played the cello - way cool!

  2. Even a poet is allowed a rant ;)

    Just one of those days AC... tomorrow will be better.

    Lovely photo.

  3. I perfectly see the situation, in these days I'm playing too, maybe thanks to a new pupils coming for summer lessons... and it helps a lot!

  4. Ah, the cello, my very favorite instrument after the voice. I have performed Villa-Lobos' Bachianas Brasileiras with celli. Have a listen; it's sure to uplift your spirits and inspire you.

    I love the photo.