Friday, March 28, 2008

The nature of things

D70 - 24 mm, 1/90 sec f/13, ISO 200

Like a complex music,

sublime harmony forever played,

such is the nature of things.

While we shallowly seek louder sounds

the secret lies in whispers.



  1. This picture reminds me of the lake I grew up on (and how much I miss it). I like how you are trying to "unhide," yet your picture hides the sun. But when you look at it, we receive so much more light and contrast from its reflection on the water. So in the end it seems as though we gain much more out of the picture and light, when the sun is not pictured so obnoxiously in front of the clouds.

  2. That's why I think that is a privilege to be a human being to live, to see and to feel all of those emotions, colours and senses!

  3. This is deep both as an image and in thought. Beautifully expressed.

  4. "While we shallowly seek louder sounds the secret lies in whispers."
    This is so true! We have a choice in life to be deep people who seek truth or shallow people who try to drown out the voice of truth because we find it hard to deal with. But it's only in those quiet whispers of truth that we find the answers and the maening that we all long for.