Tuesday, March 11, 2008


D70 - 85mm, 1/180 sec f/19, ISO 200

With open mind, right before falling asleep,

I relish a feeling of gratefulness

for I understand I am very small,

and yet not negligible.

There is hardly a greater relief.


  1. Andrea--I really like how don't really use the image of water in your text but are still able to create a powerful effect. Using the boat and water as symbols for what you describe as yourself and the world is impressive. I really like that you also use the setting sun and falling asleep to show how this feeling has come out of the end of something.

    Really really.

  2. These words are some of my favourite so far - I love the thoughts and feelings which they express

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  4. No one is negligible but not everyone knows it. Great realization!

    (Sorry about deleting my above comment but I spelled a word wrong!)

  5. ...not yet negligible...

    funny, sometimes that's a comforting feeling, sometimes "sub specie aeternitatis," trans: from the perspective of eternity, which is to say, all things are negligible, is comforting as well.