Monday, May 19, 2008

Persimmon & questions

D70 - 170mm, 8 sec f/8, ISO 200

There are so many photographs around, so many talents, a wealth of views, imageries and contrasts. Can we still say something new? Should we anyway? Even these questions have been already asked, and many times.
Some say that to express a new concept you need a new language. That is likely true, as each language is founded on a finite number of symbols (albeit this base can be fairly large in some cases), and sooner or later you'll come closer to a path that was already taken.
What drives us to write, paint and sing? What do we need expression for? Do we all revolve around some few archetypes?

Those knowing the answer to these easy questions are kindly asked to refrain to posting them as a comment, for the sake of our ignorance and for the preservation of human insanity.


  1. i have no answers, happily. means we can carry on learning if we have no answers, right?
    no answers, but i do loooove the persimmon! wonderful lighting and glow! but now i feel like eating one and i have to wait until winter!

  2. :-) thank you. It is actually pretty easy to take this photo. All you need is a candle, a candle holder, a good tripod and... a persimmon of course.
    Place the candle behind the persimmon, your camera on the tripod, and set spot metering on the persimmon. That's about it (white balance can be easily tuned in post processing if you're shooting in raw format) .
    Have fun! (yum yum)

  3. yum yum indeed .... i don't know that i could sit patiently and set up such a scene without giving in to temptation and eating the persimmon first! we do have access to a persimmon tree so maybe i will give it a go this winter. i took some photos of persimmon on my blog several months back, but none so striking!
    comunque, non hai poi detto - come mai sei così perfetto in inglese? ci hai vissuto?

  4. Cara Nà, i tuoi complimenti mi fanno molto onore. Quanto all'inglese, ho vissuto qualche tempo negli Stati Uniti, ma soprattutto ho viaggiato molto per lavoro. In Inghilterra ho passato diverse estati, studiando (poco) e divertendomi (molto).

    Grazie ancora ed a presto.

    P.S. puoi scrivermi, se vuoi, all'indirizzo email che ho lasciato in un post sul tuo blog.

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    non c'e risposta
    I bite my tounge