Friday, August 1, 2008

Far and near: Two

D300 - 24 mm, 1/80 sec f/4.0, ISO 1100

Public solitude,
So much to study.
Spa time far away.
Linda S. Silberman

Silently waiting.
Uneasy feet.
Andrea Chincarini


  1. Linda, thank you so much for your words and effort.

  2. I am rather impressed this time, as apparently this photo triggered a very similar state of mind. Considering that neither Linda nor I did know in advance what the other was about to write (I didn't even know she was thinking about it) I find it striking that both comments have a comparable rhythm. They could well be part of the same poem.

    P.S. to the casual reader: please refer to the "far and near" collection for further info on this little game hosted on my blog.

  3. Dear Linda, dear Andrea,
    I wish I could have a compared "director's cut" for these reflections. Maybe this is due to my poor English, but thought I understood that Linda focused on a relaxing moment one can enjoy even in a public place, while Andrea focused on the uneasiness. If this is true, the feeling seems to be completely different. Could you please explain?
    Thank you in advance.

  4. Cinciamogia, I'm in agreement with your interpretation. One appears to be peaceful, while the other agitated. Both are, however, waiting.

  5. I felt the rhythm of the composition rather than the content was common to both. I addition I interpreted (possibly in the wrong way) the "spa time far away" as "longing for a relaxing time which is not at hand", whereas it isn't said whether it occurred in the past or will be in the future. This also triggered in me the distinct taste of waiting in a public place, when you can't really think of the future nor of the past (and here I find the link to my "uneasy feet").
    Of course I leave it to Linda, who is the author, the honor to cut this gordian knot...

    thank you both for your comment. I learn a lot through them.

  6. Thank you AC for posting my words. It is interesting how similar our thoughts are for this image. My idea came from the project title "Far and Near" and I remembered how far away relaxation time was when I was a student, always studying where ever I was...especially spa time, as pictured in the photo.

    I really enjoy these writing challenges, AC. It pushes me into a new direction.

  7. The wonderful thing about words is that they are interpreted by a different seer with various experiences, casting a light even perhaps different from the author. This is beautiful. Thank you much for the start of something beautiful.

  8. @judith: yes, you pinpointed the interesting side of this little game here. I am looking forward to your participation to the next edition. I cannot imagine what you may say, being such a prolific writer and keen mind, and I am very curious.

    have a nice week

  9. I am not sure of what the game entails, but I like to play. Looking forward to joining the fray. Have a super week, -a-c-!