Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Interlude VI

T. Tallis - O salutaris hostia.

forgiveness is the key
acceptance, the door.


  1. Che luogo meraviglioso...pace e silenzio,quello di cui avrei bisogno adesso. Come sempre grazie.

    Un bacio

  2. Decisamente un luogo misterioso e ricco di simbolismi,dove ogni pietra ti può dire qualcosa...e forse anche trasmetterti qualcosa...
    Un luogo dove sicuramente torneremo...

  3. @ amaramara & fabio: non c'e' che da andare... non ci mettiamo moltissimo, basta un fine settimana lungo (@ fabio: e farebbe benissimo alle nostre consorti)

    @ judith: i think you should plan a visit on this side of the ocean...

  4. I love Italy and its people. I have spent quite a lot of time in Italy and have met some most beautiful people there. I am most certainly due a return visit. Many blessings to those on that side of the ocean.

  5. Wonderful.

    So what's waiting for us when we walk through the door?


  6. Listening to the music while looking at the image is amazing. Lovely words, so true...

  7. The resonanting sounds of clarity reveberating through hallow spaces bidding us forgive open doors wide.

  8. @ peaceloveyoga: if it could be told with words, it wouldn't be it...

    @ catvibe: :-) i am sure in some of your traveling you have found many other places inspiring this atmosphere. And not surprisingly so....

    @ judith: your poetic vein can't be kept at bay anymore. It won't be long until I see your name under the latest far & near.... :-) thank you