Saturday, June 7, 2008

Far and near... off we go!

Dear Readers and fellow Bloggers,

I must say I am flattered by your enthusiasm and prompt response to this little "experiment". I would really like to keep this as relaxed as possible, as it is meant to learn from us all, not to judge anyone's point of view.
Feel no pressure whatsoever, as we surely have enough of it in everyday life. For this reason I plan to hold this odd contest once a month, although the frequency may depend on your response.

A few rules:

a) anyone can participate, even in anonymous form.
b) keep your comment short, two lines at most.
c) when sending me back your work, please state how you would like to be credited (for instance it may be your blog name, your real name, initials, etc)
d) a deadline is set for publishing purposes only. Even if you're "late", I'll add your work to the published post anyway.

I would set the first deadline to Wednesday, June 18th.
You may send your work at: hontonidesuka [at] yahoo [dot] com
(the email is spelled to avoid robot spammers)

Without further ado, please find the first photo to undergo your keen scrutiny here .... and may the muses inspire you!


  1. what a wonderful idea
    your site is a gem

  2. this is great...i am sorry i missed the first round.