Friday, June 6, 2008

"Thoughts on two lines" contest

Dear Readers,

a recent comment on the varied approaches and interpretations of poems and photos triggered my curiosity.
I am thinking about starting a new collection (whose tentative name could be "Far and near") to learn about our differences and similarities in sensibility and interpretation. The word "contest" in the title may be misleading, as I'm not planning any real contest, let alone a prize.
A possible implementation could be:

1) Some of you volunteer to participate
2) I send you all the same photo
3) Starting from that photo, you (and I) will separately write a thought, an impression, whatever you may wish to, limiting it to 2 lines (similarly to my "Thoughts on two lines" posts)
4) Given a deadline, say one week, you send me your texts back and I publish them all under the photo (credit given to each of you obviously).

It goes without saying that this is planned as a collaborative effort and it will take place only if some of you show any interest. For this reason I have put a new poll on the sidebar, to ask for your feedback.

As it already happened, your opinion is most valuable.

Thank you


  1. I love the idea and would like to participate! Please include me in your recipient list. Your work is beautiful and inspiring, plus I love the thought of writing in a new fashion. It is always so interesting to see what many people think about the same image.

    Do it!

    I love it! Truly! Yes, yes, yes!


  2. wait, what's the prize now if we win? ;)

  3. ti confesso che il mio scarso inglese ha fatto sì che la tua proposta fosse chiara più o meno per il senso, ma non nel dettaglio ; )!!! commentare le foto, per tutti le stesse, con due righe e confrontare le impressioni e le suggestioni?
    Capito bene? sto e l'esperimento mi entusiasma...
    ma per chi le fa ci vuole una buona dose di generosità nel "donare"o "cedere" i propri occhi e la propria opera..all'interpretazione degli altri..pronto? via!

  4. si,ci sono pensieri miei e precisamente:"lettera a F.", "esistenze distorte", "Introspezione".
    Tutto quello in cui non indico l'autore è mio!

    comunque hai messo su un blog veramente bellissimo,non solo da leggere,ma anche da guardare come se fosse un quadro...incanta abbastanza il visitatore,hai saputo esprimere una buona armonia tra le parti del tutto!

  5. It's a great idea! I really like to do it!

  6. All of you, thank you so much for your help and support.
    I'll let you know how to proceed as soon as possible.

    @Linda: don't flatter me so much or I'll soon run out of answers. ;-)

    @Maggie: how about my lifelong gratitude and eternal glory? (maybe that is a little overstating... some centuries would do)

    @fusis: si, lo scopo è esattamente quello di osservarci ed imparare quante sfaccettature emergano nei nostri pensieri a partire da una singola immagine. Tra l'altro, un tuo recente commento è stato tra quelli che mi hanno indotto a riflettere su questo.

    @Marjlu: grazie infinite del tuo incoraggiamento. Andrò a vedermi i tuoi posts quanto prima.

    @merimery: welcome aboard!

  7. Things I thought when I was six are still reverberating out past Pluto


  8. Hi Jannie,
    well, I don't know how old are you now, but it would take only a few minutes for your thought to go past Pluto...

    Apparently good seeds never cease to bear fruits, if that's what you meant.