Saturday, July 26, 2008

Director's cut - Reflections

/ a photo of the ocean, mirrored twice / as we are mirrored in other beings / we seek this mirror / through love we make the image visible / unveiling ourselves /

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  1. I am the other. The other forms me. We see reflections of each other manifested in we.

    Thank you, -a-c-, for your photos and your words. I am inspired daily.

  2. @ judith: I find myself very much tuned with the two lines I wrote in the original post. Depending on my mood, they seem uplifting or very depressing. Your interpretation cast an interesting light on them, worth investigating.

  3. @ amaramara:
    come promesso.. la traduzione ;-)

    / una fotografia del mare, riflessa 2 volte / come noi siamo riflessi negli altri esseri / noi cerchiamo questo riflesso / attraverso l'amore rendiamo l'immagine visibile / svelando noi stessi /

    nel post originale:

    ti cerco, perche' sei il mio specchio
    ti amo, perche' cerco me.

  4. non è proprio affidabile! Sei anche un poeta,oltre che un ottimo amico/fotografo/scienziato...grande.

  5. Words are so funny in that our intepretation is often colored by how we see ourselves at any given time.

    There is that reflection that we see that does not represent our higher self, but as a whole we are all moving towards betterment. This I believe.

    Thanks, -a-c-. Your words are inpsiring and thought-provoking.

  6. Sometimes I think not just unveiling, but becoming as well.

    Reflections, images, mirroring it is almost impossible to see another as they really are.

    The book queen

  7. @ judith & book queen: I am both impressed and moved by your comments. They are deep and source for new thoughts and interpretations.
    Thank you.