Wednesday, July 23, 2008


D300 - 70 mm, 1/400 sec f/7.1, ISO 200

Hidden among the rocks

veiled by colors

when I give up hope

there I find you.


  1. The pinnacle desert, Cervantes, WA.

  2. Certo che mi interessa!
    Ovviamente con tuo commento da scrivere sotto...
    Grazie mille...

  3. Grazie mille, anche! La fotografia e tuo commento sono bravissimo, ma la speranza non e l'assenza di colore.

  4. @judith: wow.. you even speak italian... an eclectic woman for sure. Thank you for your comment.

    I hope I have interpreted your comment correctly and therefore I am answering accordingly to it here:
    I do agree hope isn't lack of color, quite the contrary. My words referred to the meaning and the beauty one can find once his senses aren't obfuscated by the moltitude of stimula we face everyday.
    So it is not in the lack of hope I find wisdom but rather once I am not waiting for it anymore.
    Reading the last verses again now, I think I could have written them more appropriately:

    when I give up hope
    I find you

    where "there" is a place and an instant.
    My apologies for this long reply, and again let me thank you for your remark.

    have a good day

  5. Your words remind me of Hafiz. A gift from god. Thank you AC. I needed the lift today.

  6. Thank you, for your wonderful reply. You have understood my Italian perfectly. When talking this stuff, which has many shades of difference, I shall speak in my native language to avoid any confusion. Your English is perfect!

    I lived in Florence for almost a year and studied at the Dante Alighieri in Rome. While there I meet some life-long friends. I love the music, smells, sights, and the people of Italy. Did I miss the fact that I love the food!

  7. And...I think you have written the verse beautifully the first time out.

  8. Really isn't it that moment when we let go of our ego, just be without hope or fear, that we discover all the treasures,


  9. @ linda: you always honor me with your comments, Linda, but this time you have completely flattered me. I bow before you.

    @ judith: I sometimes wonder how many lives have you lived till now.. ;-) btw, thank you for your always exhaustive and interesting comments.

    @ BQ: so very right. i confess that this photo, which is nothing special by itself, was shot the very moment I realized the simple beauty of that plant coming out the rock in an unearthly desert. When I shot it, I also knew what to write.

  10. the book queen, I love your words. The absence of ego in discovery is so important. Love I find is a great leveler, the best determinator.

    When responding in any situation I try to ask myself, "why are you doing what you're doing and does it make better for all concerned?" There is such discovery in this question alone--the discovery or self and others. Many times I'm successful, other times I am not.

    -a-c-, I trust that my "exhaustive" way of communicating never becomes too much. I am forever looking for that which is beyond the obvious. Perhaps, this is that element of discovery that the book queen spoke so beautifully of. It is this discovery that has sent me around the world and into various interdisciplinary studies, various careers and many entreprenurial ventures. This is what you have rightly called my "many lives," but one being.

  11. This is fine work - the photo is wonderfully composed as well!

  12. this could apply to a lot of things but i like the image accompaniment. very literal.

  13. wonderful! New life in a barren place, did you write this to the image? or the other way round?
    I think to the image!

  14. Stunning simplicity!
    (Here via P. Train.)
    Your photos are gorgeous as well!

  15. To my recent visitors:
    Thank you for sparing a couple of minutes of your time here. I hope these words and/or pictures will inspire you.

  16. rocks are so underrated... i was immediately drawn to your header photo... first, the rocks talking and shell as a cherry on a banana split...and the balance... so many colors... well, shades i suppose might be a better word... absolutely there is hope hidden in the crevices of timely rocks... there is a mystery there...