Monday, July 21, 2008

The question

D300 - 13 mm, 1/160 sec f/18, ISO 200

Won't time provide

what I am looking for?


  1. HMAS Sydney II memorial, Geraldton, WA.

  2. I cannot say I know much of photography, but I cannot deny the familiar pathos invoked by the question and view onto brilliant horizons, yet still keeping a qualm of dread or uncertainty. Thx for the comment on my blog, and to answer your question, it was just a general blog of young angst, though not any less important than any out here.

  3. Time may or may not provide what we're looking for. But it is the element of time, the process itself, that never fails even after we're gone. I love your site. I have added it to my favorite links on my blog.

  4. quando l'ho vista ho chiesto a fabio chi era...sembra vero!


  5. @winn: :-) I tried to evoke those sensations with the combination of this photo and words, and I am so glad you pinpointed them. Thank you for your comment.

    @Judith: very true, Judith. This is a deep comment we all should treasure.

    @dmartini: thank you :-) ... but considering your talent in photography.. I should now think twice before posting!

    @amaramara: grazie, infatti ho cercato di prenderla controluce per lasciare in dubbio se la silouette fosse quella di una donna vera.