Friday, November 21, 2008

My life as a pebble

D300 - 12 mm, 13 sec f/20, ISO 200

When I think about life, my life (as I can't say I know any more than my one life), I feel the weathering of the waves. Ocean waves can be gentle, soft, soothing.. or fierce, ruthless and terrible. With their very essence they shape worlds and build extraordinary beauty.
They also create fields of pebbles.
These pebbles are all similar and all different to each other. Gray, only when you look them from afar, and color textured when closely examined.
I like to touch them, to walk on them. I relate to them, one gray pebble among many, becoming rounder and rounder as the waves smooth out my asperities. Alone in a multitude, so alike to all the others in my uniqueness. What is this ocean? Time perhaps? The spiritual world?
I am still fascinated by the sea and the shapes and colors surrounding it, I often dream about it, and even more often I photograph it (as you have probably realized).
This long and cumbersome preamble wants to justify the picture above, which shows the very same beach before the rock depicted in the previous post. Photographic alliteration...


  1. Molto bella la foto...ed anche le parole.

  2. You're really speaking my language. Wonderful!!

  3. Not only a pebble, you are but a diamond in the rough. Every wave that grinds you, refines you. Love the grinding, knowing the gentle waves that lap your skin will always call you back to the sea.

  4. @ amaramara: troppo gentile.. ma quand'e' che partiamo?

    @ peaceloveyoga : the many path to the top of the mountain all seem different at the beginning, but they converge towards the end.

    @ catvibe: so much praise is undeserved, but your kind words promoted a welcomed ego-boost ;-)

  5. Mmmhhh...quando mi rapisci? :D

  6. Pebble and waves are a great metaphor for life, as are your two photos. I love your descriptions, they are so right on, but not something I would think of myself. Thanks for sharing your inner thoughts.

  7. Your reverie is a blessing to read. Enlightening, calming. The photos convey the same effect, of stillness (especially of the water) or of taking the time to pause, reflect, stretch the moment and breathe the world in. Thank you for sharing these gems. Cheers.

  8. Experience creates individuality. We look at pictures and read books to understand a life we will not experience ourselves.

  9. @ kristin: you are very welcome.

    @ SL Corsua: thank you and welcome to my blog. I am glad you find it pleasant to read and I gladly accept your comment.

    @ Maggie: indeed so, dear maggie, and who better suited than you to remind it to us?

  10. It is possible that your life encompasses many lives...a strand of pearls (pebbles?) stretching back and forward eternally. It is good to be back.