Monday, November 3, 2008

The snake

D300 - 46 mm, 1/160 sec f/7.1, ISO 200


Unlikely fears,

forebears reminiscence,

geometric beauty.


  1. [ A volte.
    Paure improbabili,
    memoria ancestrale,
    bellezza geometrica. ]

  2. Beautiful photo, was it moving or resting when you took it? The snake has such mixed symbolism, doesn't it? On my post is Naga Kanya, Nagas are found on pretty much every Asian temple and are a symbol of protection, actually their symbolism is much greater than can be expressed as a blog comment. We all here know what unfortunate mythology the serpent takes on in Western Faiths. And in my nightmares too. I was reading in the news that apparently many people are sleepless and having nightmares this last week. One more night of this waiting...

  3. La foto è molto bella...mi fa un pò senso,quindi vuol dire che "rende" :D


  4. The snake sort of looks like a black ribbon being blown along a highway.

  5. @ catvibe & anonymous: The snake was moving fast on road, trying to escape the bare surface and looking for a refuge. I was lucky to capture it during his escape. The photo is technically not worthy but I liked the simple geometry and the essence of the movement.
    Yes, the symbols associated with the snake are many, and diversified with the culture. It is one of the oldest revered animals, stirring a mix of fear and awe, sensations probably even engraved in our neurological pattern.

    @ amaramara: avresti dovuto vedere quello vero... altro che foto! ;-)

  6. Good words to match the picture, and nicely written to the prompt!

  7. sometimes it does...
    good job

  8. Philip, Gautami, sweettalkingguy & jorc:
    thank you very much for your comments. You are all very talented and I am flattered by your visit here.