Monday, November 24, 2008


D300 - 24 mm, 1/100 sec f/4.0, ISO 200

Searching, rambling,
aimless wand'ring
too many things withered prematurely.

Latched doors,
entangled thoughts
scratching self-constructed boxes

and when one says: "look, I understand!"
- for what it's worth -
it's a dead end.


  1. Una piccola piccola traduzione?

  2. ...apprezzo sempre di più il tuo stile. Lavignettatura sta benissimo! Complimenti.

  3. Si, scusa. Eccola:
    [ Illeggibile

    Sto cercando, incoerentemente
    vagando senza meta,
    troppe cose avviziscono prima del tempo.

    Porte sbarrate,
    pensieri ingarbugliati
    che graffiano muri autocostruiti

    e quando si dice:" si, capisco!"
    -per ciò che vale -
    è un vicolo cieco. ]

  4. @ alessio: troppo gentile. Stiamo tutti cercando il nostro linguaggio.

  5. The bounding dancing monkey mind. If nothing else good inside, at least a constant source for the muse, eh?

  6. Grazie! molto bella e bella la foto...come al solito :)

  7. Sometimes I feel like I carry around my self constructed box still. I've grown out of it some. For example, I've fashioned holes in the bottom for my legs so I can walk around and I hold it up like a towel that's sliding down my body. I do this because sometimes I still need my box when I need to think for myself and can't handle the idea of someone trying to help or come to a conclusion for me. Understanding will help eventually. I mean, it eventually helped me to stop trying to tape myself up in my box and be shipped to some distant country. And you, more than most people, saw that I needed that understanding, regardless of how much I fought it. Thanks for pulling me out of my box. I realize now that I did not want to travel to Thailand via cardboard.

  8. I am the other; the other is me. We have more understanding of each other than liked to believe.

  9. Such thought-provoking words. Wonderful image.

  10. Our lives are made up of boxes we construct ourselves. If only, if only we could escape these walls.

  11. @ catvibe, maggie, judith leslie & kristin:

    dear friends,
    you have noticed different yet similar aspects of my words. Facets, each of you approaching them with your own experience and sensibility.
    I feel I would have so much to learn from a true conversation with each of you... so much that I am almost tempted to fly over and pay you a visit, as a butterfly would taste several flowers.
    For your constant support and insight I am grateful.

  12. You are welcome anytime, A-C. Thanks for your insightful posts.