Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day 2

At sea, heading to Casablanca.

Innumerable lights
elegantly flow
hushing us all,
speaking to a few.

Simple details often manifest
our most stubborn reluctance.

Colors and shapes on the ship.


  1. Your photos are so artistic! I love the water picture, and the shapes on the ship.

  2. Wonderful job with the camera. I am sure it felt fabulous to be able to be liberal with the thing after sitting there at work feeling contained. I'm curious as to why you won't book a cruise in the future?

  3. thank you Kristin & Cat.
    @ Cat: a partial answer to your question can be read in the next post, at Casablanca. It is only a partial explanation though and I'll probably write something more specific on the feeling on board the cruise ship.

  4. Nice photos and befitting words. Thank you, AC, for sharing.