Friday, January 30, 2009

Day 7

La Gomera
(Canary Islands)

Green beyond imagination. I dare say only Ireland rivals this place. Wild and tamed, gem in the casket, cold shiver of a humid wind.

Here you physically touch the eternal process of creation, from raw matter to lush beauty.
Here you witness the tide of time, the overwhelming force of innumerable water droplets in the foggy wind.

It all started in the volcanic park of Lanzarote, the timid process turning black rocks and dust into pale green. La Gomera shows us what became of those rocks after hundreds of thousands of years.

And then there is the biggest forest of Laurisilva. An ancient tree, precious relic of the Pliocene subtropical forests. Once covering the whole Europe, it is now reduced to a relatively small forest on this gorgeous island. A marvel into a marvel, walking among these descendants of a primordial history.


  1. that last photo is haunting...

  2. Those trees are wonderful. It is so easy to imagine them hosting dryads.
    Have you ever been to Madeira? The whole island is a garden.

  3. HI AC -Thank you for offering this testameny to
    the beauty and on going miracle of nature.
    I would love to travel down that stunning green path.

  4. These islands amazed me for their intensities and contrast. Differences in climate, colors and even people attitude were tangible and overwhelming. On this specific island those trees were a true marvel. I have saved a couple of shots to post on the blog once I find the inspiration to write down a poem. I hope you'll like those shots as much as I do.

    @ spacedlaw: yes, I've been to Madeira.. just wait a couple of days more..

  5. This photo entranced me. I want to walk through those trees of character. What a story they could tell.

  6. ...ambientazione quasi surreale!

  7. @ laura: thank you and welcome to my blog :-) As I see these trees intrigued all readers, I am definitely showing you some of these trees. Believe me it was very exciting being there.

    @ alessiolopiccolo: e pensa che le foto non rendono nulla della vera atmosfera...