Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day 4 [afternoon]


A wealth of colors in the gloomy gray
assembled like they looked for warmth
they tell a story in a smelly way
with feeble voice in a windstorm.

Now I know we truly are the dangerous species.


  1. Before you ask....
    1) yes, the cobra was free and rather near to me. i was attending the performance of a snake charmer, who was trying his luck with various reptiles, although this one was the most impressive. Poor snakes...
    2) for my italian friends:
    [una moltitudine di colori
    stretti assieme come per cercare il caldo
    raccontano storie odorose
    voci sottili in una tempesta di vento]

  2. Wonderful. I remember the smells, like a sun inside my head.

  3. I love the image of the shop keeper. Beautifully captured is the ancient wisdoma and quality of the ages. Thanks, AC.

  4. What richness too in the second photo and the elegance and inquisitiveness of the snake are not lost.

  5. @ judith: ... one of these days I shall invite you for a tea...