Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day 3 [afternoon]


As if someone had heard my unspoken wish, there the Kasbah glowed with dark blue patches, art and life, reviving the group attention and strength (well, at least that happened to most of the group).

A kind reader of this blog recently commented on my inclination to keep cruises to the status of "one is fine, thank you". I would be too hard on you if I told you all that happened during those 14 days and in addition I would deprive you of the subtle pleasure to experience it on your own.
Suffice it to write some remarkable notes here and there.
During this third day, an oldish woman on the bus complained she came along (i.e. the Casablanca/Rabat trip) ONLY to buy cheap illegal copies of expensive branded purses and demanded the tour guide to stop in a suitable shopping area. A murmur that followed on the bus wasn't exactly a reprimand for her demand and I sadly realized she wasn't alone... Ouch!


  1. Group mechanism...
    Vibrant colours

  2. my husband's theory about cruises... nothing good can happen on a cruise. fortunately, i have no desire to go on a cruise, so there is no conflict between us. travel, yes, cruise, no. that blue is amazing...

  3. i hope at least that they didn't let her stop to buy a purse! sounds and looks like you had a stunning holiday. sorry that i have been quite quiet and absent from the blog scene compared to my old self. it's just a quiet moment. like these new photos of your travels very much!

  4. Lo sguardo di quel bambino parla da solo...

  5. The color blue of this door is amazing!
    As is the sublteness of the silver or pewter.
    I love the boy's face. Excellent photography.

  6. @ cynthia: those colors strongly contrasted with people faces, and the faces with our [my] indifference.
    I don't deny I did enjoy the reassuring comfortableness of my bubble while concentrating on the framing.

  7. That door and wall and vase are just fabulous... I have to admit color sometimes holds its own... :D

  8. Your photography is absolutely breathtaking...powerful with a surprise just around a bend

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  9. Thank you from my heart to you all.