Friday, April 3, 2009

Dream in green

D300 - 62 mm, 1/200 sec f/2.8m ISO 200

Don't you dare ask me the dream in red....


  1. No? What about that in orange, then? Or blue?

  2. Hmmm. silly... green, trying to figure out if
    -A-C- has a vauge meaning that he wants us to get... OK overrational one, you'll have to explain this one if you have another meaning...

    Otherwise, I am pondering if this is a picture of the sun rising and setting, or something else... :o)

  3. :D no no... this one is simply a joke. No hidden meaning here, save for the obvious relation between dreaming and indistinct imaging. This is a composition of two almost identical shots: a candlelight, defocused with 2 different settings, on a backlighted colored paper sheet.
    The emphasis of these latest series of color photos is on "taking the color", and not the shape. Whether I succeed or not, I leave it to your keen eye :-)