Sunday, April 5, 2009

Far and near: Nine

D70 - 105 mm, 1/320 sec f/8, ISO 640

Cotton candy, moth balls, crystalline, silver whiteness make-believe.
Trees whispering and walking in a land of fantasy and reality.

Summer and winter, love and hate:
Often they seem the same to me.

Storms of emotions, like candyfloss
So sweet, yet so dangerous.

Wind, frozen in time, captured in mid flight.
Angry at being caught, turned to the hard crystal stillness of ice.

In your spun sugar dreams,
Stray liquorice sticks in bloom fade into venerability.

Growing against a colorless grain
The orchard bears nought but grey-shrouded pain.

Sometimes dreams are woven
not in the sky, but on the ground.

Ready to receive,
from the generous earth,
to the generous earth.

Under springtime Sun
Earth is the bride.
A. Chincarini


  1. I'm happy, for this edition is particularly rich of intriguing contributions.

    Now let me unveil the centerpiece of this photo: the picture portrays olive trees. Thin nets have been deployed on the ground to collect olives, when the time comes.
    The gentle touch of the sun and the lucky perspective did the trick :-)
    These are images you may witness almost only in this region of Italy.

    The peculiar deploy of these nets made me think of a bridal veil, hence the inspiration on my 2 lines.
    Although all received lines are good and inspired, I must give credit to Deb's [piacere] contribution for it truly moved me.
    I must also mention Nathalie's work for her keen perception of liquorice sticks, very apt.

    Far&near wouldn't be possible without your support and insight. Thank you :-)

  2. I'll have to look closer next time they collect the olives at work (although they use green nets, so the ice/sugary illusion might not be attained).
    Thanks for the game, Andrea!

  3. This picture is awesome, it looks as if the
    trees are running away!

  4. I see a lot of people thought of cotton candy. I too like Debs lines. :D

  5. I must assume you didn't receive mine....

  6. @ Claudia: I can assure you I didn't!
    That's weird though... Let me send you my work email and see. If it's ok with you, I will gladly add your contribution here asap.

  7. Wow. Intriguing photo and very interesting lines by the contributors. It does look like the trees are trying to run away! :)