Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Under a quiet moon

D300 - 12 mm, 15 sec f/4.0, ISO 200

Under a quiet moon,

on my uneasy feet

I wait

for the silence outside

to melt my frozen self.


  1. Hmmm. trying to figure out if this is related to the earthquake... uneasy feet - yes that fits. Silence as well... Frozen self could be a hurt heart.

    Aside from that, I have a question... how do you get a picture of the moon? I know it has to do with the length of time that you expose the film (you use film right?) Digital camera's gonna be different... which is what i've got.

  2. Thank you, Strawberry girl & McRiguez.
    This poem relates to the stillness that follows a tragic event and can be read on a couple of levels.
    One interpretation, as you found out, can lead to this: the moon symbolizes nature. It's quiet, apparently unaware of human tragedies, looking upon us. We rest on unsteady ground, over which we don't feel comfortable anymore. Then the attention is turned to the human being who waits. I paused there intentionally to underline that it isn't clear what he is waiting for. The attention is now inside, where one's heart is hardened by the tragic experience and hopes an external force can change the condition. Outside though, there is nothing but silence.

    As for the photographic technique, I use digital for all my shots. If you read the captions under my photos, you'll see the camera model (Nikon D300 or D70, my older camera, but both digital), the lens focal length, shutter and aperture used and, finally, the sensitivity value.
    Although I started with film, I would never go back to it for it is very inconvenient for the kind of photography I am doing now.
    The main difference though can be found in the camera quality. Not all digital cameras are alike and I am using a rather good [digital] Reflex. You'll find more info on my camera on the Nikon site.

  3. Thanks AC I noticed the notations before but wasn't familiar with the meaning. (Lots of things are like that in life...)

  4. Plus as you imply - the reality of nature, the rawness of it, stands out to us when we are confronted by its power. Its as if it has reaserted its presence, making you realise that your a part of it.

  5. I love this, I wish I had seen it in time to ask if I could use it for my multimedia piece I will be posting tomorrow. Lovely shot as well AC.

  6. Beautiful image and thought provoking words. Lovely.

  7. Di notte le idee scorrono più fluide... ma fanno anche più paura... sono le paure che ci fanno ritornare ad un inizio primordiale... a un'innocenza dimenticata... al nostro essere bambini... Siamo sicuri che ora forse non abbiamo più paura?

  8. Ideas, during the night, run fluider... but they frighten more... They are the fears that let us to come back to a primordial beginning... to a forgotten innocence... to our childhood... Are we sure that now, maybe, we are no more frightened?