Friday, September 12, 2008

Back from NYC

Dear friends, I am now safely back home. A very special "thank you" to Linda and Kat, whose patience and wit have been duly tested during the last few days.
Does coming from the Big Apple makes me a big worm now? I wonder...


  1. welcome back! You've not been staying there so long... Don't mind we're not going to call you worm!

  2. AC, you know the pleasure was all mine. You seemed so at home in the city. I look forward to our next visit...let's meet in Paris or London next time!

  3. @claudia : thank you. No, I was there for 8 days only. just for a conference.

    @ cleanlens: :-) la prossima volta vieni anche tu...

    @ serena: meno male!!

    @ linda: in a way you're right. there was some instants I did feel at home. See you soon!

  4. No you are not worm,

    humans bite thru apples too.

    And look at James, he traveled throughout a giant peach, and even lives in the peaches core now.

    No one ever call called him a worm, he was always just james.

    --end proofs--

    Thus said, you are not a worm.

  5. @ mikey: :-D Thank you for the proof! Whether I will live in the big apple.. only God knows.

    Have a nice day

  6. we're all caterpillars
    just not enough green to eat
    here in the city

  7. @ kat: what acute an observer... ;-)