Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Far and near: Three

E4300 - 24 mm, 1/125 sec f/4.9, ISO 100

Footprints, I trace
I walk
But you are no where in sight.

"Be verwe, verwe quiet.
I'm hunting wabbits."
Elmer Fudd
(thanks to Linda S. Silbermann)

Only barren remains
of life’s pristine start

Steps in a muffled world
my memories of you.
Andrea Chincarini


  1. First of all let me thank you for your contribution. As I had the opportunity to see your work beforehand, it was apparent that your ingenuity and sensibility was adding a unusual depth to the photo.
    Should any of you authors wish to change/add/remove anything in the text, please let me know and I'll apply the changes asap.

    My very first impression here (save the worthy exception suggested by Linda) is that of a shared sense of missing, be it referred to the past or to a physical presence.
    Or maybe Mr. Fudd is missing something too...

  2. Technical remark:
    I apologize to "piacere" as the cut&paste didn't turn out to have the same font as the other contributions (thanks to cinciamogia for pointing it out). I hope the problem is fixed now but let me know if the post isn't displaying correctly.

  3. that's definitely impressive!
    an amazing post.

  4. @gaja: :-) I didn't do anything but letting some talented people express their thoughts. Thank you Gaja!

  5. therefore you played a crucial role! it's a pleasure to read you.

  6. Thanks for awakening my poetic side. I've missed my old friend.

  7. @ mcjumpguez: welcome to this blog :-) and thank you for your comment.

  8. AC, this is such a fun forum and I am so glad you are doing it. I love that more people are contributing and to witness the beauty in all their words. What a gift you have created. Thank you!

  9. thank you too for this wonderful creative endeavor. your words & photography are quite inspiring & it is always a pleasure to visit...let alone be able to contribute. (the font looks fine, but i would not have cared if it was different!)

  10. @ linda & qualcosa di bello: the pleasure is all mine!!
    I was talking about this post yesterday with a couple of friends who like to read the many facets expressed by the different people.
    I was wondering whether the common ground we express here, albeit with personal nuances, isn't the result of western values and culture, which we all share. It would be interesting to read contributions from, say, India or Japan.
    Similarly we argued it could just be that those who feel inspired by the photo simply share a common approach, regardless of the cultural origin, and probably at some archetypal level.

    thank you all!

  11. This picture makes me think of how ephemeral an impact we leave on the world. Like another wave, with the onset of time, our presence too will be forgotten.

  12. @ pooja: a most wonderful comment!
    another meaning unleashed, and a very deep one!
    I am very grateful to you and I hope to see your contribution to the next session.

    take care