Thursday, September 4, 2008

Where about this time?

So, dear readers, I hope you can endure my irregular peeking into the blogosphere for a little while. Know that in the meantime I will be struggling to find seeds in a big apple...

so long


  1. So, you're in the Big Apple? I love New York! I lived on the upper Westside for a few years after college and loved it! It is one of my favorite cities in all the world for many many reasons. Enjoy!

  2. Ben arrivato!!! mi raccomando eh? non americanizzarti troppo,che poi per farti tornare Italiano ci mettiamo una vita.


  3. i think hanna will be leaving me & joining you shortly! stay safe & enjoy your time in that great city...hopefully a seed will grow into something wonderful

  4. E ti becchi pure la New York Fashion Week, fortunello. Ci saranno le modelle che sciamano ovunque..Le giornaliste di moda stile il diavolo veste Prada..
    Portaci a casa le foto anche di quello!
    Have a lot of fun, bacio

  5. finalmente hoa vuto tempo di correggere la foto come mi suggerivi..grazie!