Sunday, February 15, 2009

What needs to be done

D300 - 24 mm, 1/40 sec f/4.0, ISO 1000

In stillness I feel my oneness.

There I must forgive myself.


  1. I wish I knew why it is the most difficult thing, but it is. It will come.

  2. [ Nella quiete trovo la mia unita'.
    Li' devo perdonarmi. ]

    @ Maggie: no one knows it Maggie. I must repeat myself what I once wrote here

  3. I like the way the photo subtly expresses oneness in humanity. In our oneness, we are the string. (Hopefully not barbed though ;-)

  4. perdonarti di cosa? ...e questa dove l'hai scattata? molto bella :)

  5. @ Catvibe: a beautiful comment Cat.

    @ tasha & spacedlaw: thank you. No, not a cold forgiveness although external coldness can help looking inside.

    @ amaramara: delle molte mancanze verso me stesso. questa foto l'ho fatta vicino al passo della forcella, qualche settimana fa.

  6. Sì nei tuoi confronti lo posso capire ti capisco perfettamente e credo che sarebbe l'ora di provvedere almeno in minima parte non credi?
    Un abbraccio

  7. A fence is both protection and insulation. It is the opening and closing of ourselves. A fence can let a flood of painful memories in or open up a flood of love out. Return. Release. Rest. Is this not one? The humanity that we embrace is what we decide to keep or let go. Thank you so much for such beauty, AC. There are blogs that I smile continuously when I visit. Yours is one of these. Thank, my friend. You are love.

  8. You know, I read these words again and I see the photo anew; together the poem and photo are purely simply things of beauty, penetrating indeed. Ah, such beauty. Thank you.

  9. I am profoundly struck by the simplicity of these words and image. Powerful stuff.

    I shall go now. But I may return.

  10. Dear, dear Judith,
    isn't it true that beauty dwells in the eye of the beholder? Than the beauty you think to see here is but a pale reflection of the one you already possess in yourself.
    Through these posts comments I, too, can see more. This is the game of reflections.

  11. If we look and read here long enough, the oneness, the stillness, the forgiveness we seek find their rightful place. This is the beauty of photos and phrases; they reflect our true selves.

    But we need a poet; we need a photographer. You are a most beautiful soul, AC. Thank you.

    Thanks also for your words toward me; they are appreciated.

  12. i just came back from a retreat...a place of silence & stillness. when all the words & movements fall away, when one falls to the center face-to-face with oneself~ forgiveness, again & again is the only choice.

  13. oh yes, AC. your photo and poem captures
    the quality of stillness, which leads to
    reflection, and often forgiveness. thank you.

  14. poles in the snow
    like footprints
    like scars across my heart
    disturbing the stillness
    giving it life