Tuesday, February 10, 2009


D300 - 18 mm, 1/125 sec f/10, ISO 250

Maybe, by chance

I bumped into you, idly dwelling in untrodden fields.

I seek you now like a thirsty man,

like a lover

looking for the beloved face

in every smile he meets.


  1. [ Forse, per caso
    ti ho incontrata, sedevi oziosa in campi inesplorati.
    Ora ti cerco come un uomo assetato
    come un amante
    che cerca il viso amato
    in ogni sorriso che incontra]

  2. Beautiful! Very Rumi-esque. I have an award for you on my blog AC. Yes, it is awards season it seems.

  3. I don't know why, but this reminds me of lovers finding each other through different dimensions or lifetimes, over and over again.

  4. the route was planned
    we just followed
    and met!

  5. SpacedLaw sent me here. You are great with a camera. Applauding you ....

  6. @ Cat: well... don't you dare award me that often or I may just get used to it ;-)

    @ Kristin: yes kristin. your interpretation is very much in tune with the poem. What if I told you I really thought about geometry when I wrote it?

    @ magiceye: you dwarf my writing with your comment. thank you. it is appreciated and very apt.

    @ david: I should thank spacedlaw for mentioning me and you for visiting. welcome to my blog. I really don't deserve that much praise for my photography; I don't live on it, I am only attracted by it. It is a way to take my inner self out and I am still learning the language.

  7. Simply breathtaking, AC. Thank you.

  8. I did think you were talking about geometry. I have a strange love for algebra and use it all the time. I hope it's ok that I took it at face value. Found this from POTD over at David's. Really good poem.