Monday, February 9, 2009

Far and near: Seven

D300 - 24 mm, 1/100 sec f/16, ISO 250

Shadows like your cool breath on my neck
Sucking me into another world.

I am saving the shadows you waste.
I am building a brilliant escape.

Rising into the unknown,
pursuing the light.

The climb is just as easily made
in shadow as in light.

Start at the bottom, but taking one step at a time
Find yourself rise above it all.

Light is purer,
After the effort

"Evolve!" is the imperative on the path of return.
If I do not dare, who else will?
A. Chincarini


  1. Let me thank you all for your contribution. Your words make this edition particularly fruitful.

  2. Thank you for the game.
    It's great to see the different interpretations.

  3. I'm late as usually, but I have an excuse: exams! Sorry!

  4. This is wonderful. How do I get an invitation to play?

  5. Thank you dear friends... and, Claudia, don't you worry. I added your contribution as soon as I got home, and a very interesting contribution it is.

    This picture is easily readable, that is the symbolism in it are rather plain. We have all underlined the light/shadow and the rising-climbing concepts. I was wondering why there is no hint of resting. Maybe do we all feel stairs must be climbed?

    No one is sitting on the steps, peacefully. Times of change are ahead, that is certain now.

  6. @ martha: Dear martha, welcome to my blog. it is really easy to participate. please take a look here:

    where you'll find a few rules and my email address.
    I plan to issue a far&near post approx each month, but only because I don't want it to bee too demanding on you readers.

    Hoping to see your 2 lines on the next one, let me thank you for stopping by.

  7. Lovely contributions.

    Stairways always invite one to climb... a need to get to the top and enjoy the view maybe. I love the shadow emphasises the sunshine in this photo and particularly like the curve of the lower steps.

    Thanks for the game AC, it's great fun!

  8. These are all so great. Lots of climbing, and light/shadow, as you say, but all so very different.

  9. so very kind of you! thanks Andrea!

  10. I love steps...I would stand and stare at things like that when I visit places, ppl think I am odd :)