Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Day 9 [2/4]


Modern but not too much, european and characteristic, historic but with free WiFi in the centre. A feeling of belonging here (or wanting to) caressed my mind. Busy, colorful yet not as busy as I am used to, and much more colorful.
It felt like a place I'd want to retreat to, to hide from globalization, to hide from my worries. It felt remote but not unconnected, exalting the sweet taste of control over when and where do we let the world reach us.


  1. remote yet connected...a beautiful tension

  2. Beautiful, the inner courtyard reminds me of a place in Nepal. I love the sun and its points on the second shot. Did you use a filter to get that effect?

  3. My husband says that Madeira reminded him of Italy in the seventies. It is truly an amazing place, with its own pace.
    Great atmosphere in your shots.

  4. Wonderful photos, great blog. I like your words too.

  5. Thank you for your comments.

    @spacedlaw: well, yes, it is possible it reminds me of italy in the past... but I'm not so sure. It has a character of its own.

    @ catvibe: No, i didn't use any filter. actually the only one i own is a light polarizer but it works awkwardly on the 12-24 mm.

    @ Inky: welcome :-)

  6. interesting texture on the walkway. that is the most vibrant spectral sunlight i've ever seen. good choice w/ black and white.

  7. @ floreta : your kindness is flattering me. thank you