Friday, March 27, 2009

Aquamarine: spirit

D300 - 105 mm, 1/320 f/8, ISO 800

Shall the spirit be round?
It's a question so deep,
an idea so profound
I'll be fallen asleep
ere an answer is found...


  1. Hmmm... shall my eye look as high as the pie in the sky?

  2. hehe.. nicely done :-)
    My funny words would like to hint on the subject of this photo, which has something to to with the spirit ... but not with the soul ;-)

  3. spot on! very, very funny! I really like this!

  4. Hmmm? I have a totally different perspective from the others; this is why images and words are incredibly wonderful--variance according to the soul and sense. Perhaps I shall return with comment.

    Beautiful, AC.

  5. my dear Judith.. you're right on photos and words, and this is why I like the far&near posts. But this one was meant as a joke, for it is the picture of a wineglass, shot from below against a colored sheet, hence the nursery rhyme is a play with the word "spirit".

    If you want to find a deeper meaning though, you may compare the two aquamarine photos, for there I intended some symbols, which your keen mind won't surely miss.