Saturday, March 7, 2009


D300 - 12 mm, 1/40 sec f/4, ISO 1000

It is a game of forces

sustaining our realities,

agreement of minds dreaming of their being.

How great an ingenuity

for a meaningless building.


  1. [ Un gioco di forze
    regge le nostre realta',
    accordo di menti che sognano il loro essere.
    Quale grande ingegno
    in uno stupido edificio ]

  2. I always get amazed at the constructions and the fact they were made without our modern technologies. And the myriad of people who contributed because it might buy them a slice of paradise.

  3. As meaningless as a great stone circle, as meaningless as the statues on Easter Island, as meaningless as all the great works of art, thoughout all of time and every hopeless creature that creates them. We create, without meaning, to express the deepest thoughts of our being.

    The amazing thing is that looking at this creation, to some extent a frail piece of art, makes me wonder how these bricks have stayed in animated suspension for so is a marval of creation.

  4. @ spacedlaw & strawberry girl: my friends, it is not real architecture I am referring to here, but to the subtle play of the mind shaping our realities, like an architect shapes space by imposing structures on it. Hence, all this ingenuity for a building we are bound to undo while discovering is has less and less meaning.
    It can also be viewed as referring to common architecture, yet it is always we who give all the constructions the meanings they have for ourselves.

  5. forgive me..i'm a little silly tonight. when i saw this photo i wanted to slide upward along those graceful curves! (spring fever ;-) sometimes it is fun to be pleasantly out of context! thank you for your kind thoughts for my family this week...

  6. Hmmm. that makes sense, there have been many constructions of thought that I have later undone...

  7. @ strawberry girl: indeed.
    This filtering mechanism is what allow us "to separate the wheat from the chaff".