Sunday, March 8, 2009

Far and near: Eight

D70 - 80 mm, 1/2500 sec f/25, ISO 200

One by one they opened their eyes
And found they could see in the dark.

Reflections of light on deep dark waters
symbols whose key has long been lost.

Fish of light,
Swaying with the wind.

Remembrance of first light
never fades.

Constantly and everywhere we are reminded
we are but thought.
A. Chincarini


  1. Thank you again for all your contribution. Well done everybody :-), this wasn't an easy shot.

    P.S. I confess my preference to Catherine's lines. Very powerful.

  2. I love Catherine's contributions too. It speaks to darker places in my mind.
    Thanks for the fun, -A-C-.

  3. flames of water
    always so restless
    where do they go?
    will they ever find what they are looking for?
    will they ever find peace?

  4. AC and spacedlaw, thanks for making my Sunday with your words! I also love Deb's (Piacere) poem very much. When I read it, I harkened back to the dawn of time and the essence of first light. I love these little 'paint strokes' as you called them. Very inspiring.

  5. Light and thought, we are a part of everything and can speak to all if we take the time to learn their language. Amazing photograph, such patience to set up such a beautiful shot. :0)

  6. Kudos to you Cat :-)
    Strawberry girl, so true. thank you for your comment.

  7. Oh, a wonderful collage of poems that
    are beautifully married to your photograph.

  8. @ cynthia: I thank all contributors for it. It is interesting to see a single image through many eyes, particularly when I receive contribution of this quality.

  9. By the way, AC, I'm so curious as to what this is a shot OF?

  10. @ Cat: This is a photo of sunlight reflecting off the water of a small mountain stream, where it slightly opened up to form a pond. Technically, it is a spot exposure slightly off the reflected light, as to render water dark but in the reflection. A very high shutter speed was obviously used to "freeze" the water wobbling.

  11. Like little spirits of light in the darkness.

    Great shot and very clever to get such an effect. I love the words too, they're wonderful.

  12. I really wanted to post a poem for this one and forgot. I hope you don't mind if I do it in the "comments" section.

    Before life, in bliss, we are but one
    Inklings of potential in a world so deep
    We are only fragments of imagination
    Waiting to be born.

  13. It is an honor to receive your comment, Kristin.
    Now, after both all the contributions and comments I can really give a name to this photo: "Creation", and with a certain boldness I name it so. And I am not referring here to the creation of our universe (the lesser one), but to the first, original creation of life (in spirit): the first, ever happening extension of the Great Architect embracing all that exists in an instant.

    Thank you for your words. They too speaks the truth.