Monday, March 2, 2009

A former lover

D70 - 300 mm, 1/30 sec f/5.6, ISO 200

Feelings, resurfacing

only to quickly hide

behind the thick curtain of conventionality.


  1. [ Un vecchio amore.

    Sentimenti, che riaffiorano
    solo per nascondersi
    dietro il sipario denso del conformismo ]

  2. What an AMAZING photograph that is. Can I have it?

    Those feelings will get you every time...sigh. And conventionality is a very delicate fence.

  3. Those clouds are wild and stormy, gathering
    to thrill an old lover.
    Wonderful photograph and the poem is excellent.

  4. How beautiful... the colours of those clouds! astonished O_O

  5. @ catvibe: :-) Sure you can. I'll send it together with the forest pic.

    @ Cynthia & Claudia : thank you !

  6. I love that tango, the dance of feeling.

  7. So true, AC. We continuously seek to break out and often retreat. Great shot!

  8. @ spacedlaw & judith & all you, kind readers: Thank you.
    This isn't really my most significant piece and I am glad you have accepted it and showed appreciation.
    Recently I am thinking about poems as they were brushstrokes on a bigger picture, only sketched on the white canvas yet to be painted.
    "Less is more"... as the not-said holds the secret of the said. This is the same drive that prompted me to issue the abstract image in the latest far&near call.

  9. Ah, my dearest, AC, significance lies in the heart of the reader. Readers determine this, even when we feel otherwise.

    This, in essence, relates to your words "the not-said (or seen) holds the secret of the said." Readers see beyond what is written as words are funneled through their sensibilities and imagination.

    Beautiful. Creative. Imaginative.

    I have just really noticed the title of this piece and it brings a whole new perspective to the words and photo. The former lover... Hmmm??? Perhaps more later...

  10. I know that feeling all to well AC...


  11. @ judith: always a pleasure, Judith ;-)

    @ Cherie: yeah.. I'm sure we all do, in a way or another..