Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kitchen flowers

D300 - 50 mm, 1/40 sec f/2.8, ISO 800

The only things they'll need to bloom
are a friendly smile
and a bit of wine.


  1. Well.. Food would be nice too, but it is not their specialty.

  2. Grande!!! mi devi assolutamente spiegare come hai fatto a farla...devi darmi lezioni di fantasia :D (e dire che pensavo di averne)

  3. Wow! How did you take this? It almost doesn't look real. It looks like a Pixar movie and all those wine openers are dancing around!

  4. Thank you for all your comments. For the curious, this picture is the result of about 20 shots, each portraying the same bottle opener in a different position (I only own that one hehe). Then the background and the corks were shot separately. The result isn't very professional, but the aim here was to be funny and convey the joy of looking at everyday objects with another eye.

    @ amaramara: :D certo certo.. ma questa tecnica segreta non la diciamo a nessuno... ;-)

  5. Thank you AMIT :-)

    Judith: this is really a joke. I should have dedicated more time to the assembly but it felt so spontaneous and funny that I left it rough, even though I notice now how many flaws it has. I'm glad it made you smile :-)

  6. AC - I really like the joke! :-) It is indeed "sponataneous and funny." That's why I like it!