Sunday, October 19, 2008


D300 - 300 mm, 1/400 sec f/11, ISO 200

Not even the leaves' rustle,

not the joyful colors

or the warmth of a sunny day

can turn my mind from you.


  1. [Cieco

    Nemmeno lo stormire delle foglie
    ne' i colori gioiosi
    o il calore di un giorno di sole
    distogono la mia mente da te]

  2. I love the idea of being blinded by thoughts. Another moving poem, AC. Thank you for the beauty.

  3. Is that an olive tree? An emblem of peace...

    Touching, and disturbing words. I think of thoughts that pervade and become unrelenting, and there have been moments when I wanted to pound on my head to be rid of them. Not that it would have helped. Especially those of unrequited love...ahhh sigh...yet to have been without those passions would have been not to have lived.

  4. I find that I take more walks in the fall. I think this is the perfect poem for the mood I'm usually in during the fall. It always seems to be somewhere else, focused on someone or something that's not with me on that walk, even when the death of summer is truly something beautiful to see.

  5. when i read the words i cannot settle my mind...there seems to be a fine line between love & obsession in them.

  6. Thank you all for your comments.

    @ linda & maggie & catvibe:
    yes. When our mind isn't open and sharp, when it takes on our life, it acts as a filter, a screen between ourselves and the world. And no matter how much beauty we have before our eyes, we are impenetrable to it. This is our conditioning, the great veil responsible for judging and categorizing.
    Yet all this is part of our inner world, a world more real than the outer one, a place we are very fond of, however painful it may be.

    P.S. @ maggie: "death of summer", how intriguing. I should think about it a little...

    @ judith: :-) it's a pleasure, dear Judith.

    @ qualcosa di bello: indeed so, as love wouldn't (shouldn't?) prevent you from reaching out, whereas obsession eats up all your attention. The "you" at the end of the last line isn't necessarily a physical person though, it can be of course, but I think of it as the object of my thoughts, personified, as it lives in my mind.

  7. Intriguing words to say the least...

  8. Beautiful poem once again. It is true that our minds can keep rolling something around, over and over. That's what we see and feel and think until we can break away.

  9. Light blinds and enligtens depending on how it is perceived. "Love covers a multitude of faults." Rustles. Colors. Warms. Turning back to you.

    Thanks again, -a-c-. I come here for beauty and perspective.

  10. @ peaceloveyoga & crafty green poet: I am glad you both liked it. thank you for stopping by and commenting.

    @ kristin: thank you. It is a common feeling, but as such it should make us think about the tricks played by our mind.

    @ judith: ah ha... your poetic vein is awakening... some more comments and you won't resist sending 2 lines for the next "far & near"... ;-)

  11. Too funny, -a-c-. I most certainly do not consider myself a poet, though my mother was quite a wonderful poet. I would find her up in the wee hours writing. With 12 children to raise alone this was her outlet. She was also a wonderful composer. What an extraordinary woman she was. Thanks for the memories. This is perhaps partly the reason I come here, to honor her.

  12. I think this very romantic. I think the person that moved you to write this is very lucky to have stirred such passion.

  13. @ lisa: thank you from this perspective. I truly hope she is going to read your comment, although those who are referred to in a poem are also the least likely to understand it.

  14. I love the simplicity of your words to explain such a complicated matter.

  15. @ Tash:
    Simple and complicated.
    When the opposites veil is lifted
    all that's left is understanding.

    Hi and welcome to my blog!