Friday, October 3, 2008

Far and near: Four

D70 - 24 mm, 1/350 sec f/8.0, ISO 200

Time, eroded
by winds of change.

Cosi` alto e incrollabile,
da qui temo solo la mia solitudine.

Freedom I experienced
as I let the wind take my soul.
A. Chincarini


  1. Nice shot - again, the elements have been contrasted very well.

  2. Prima di la ho mandato...Perche` non la ho tradotto? Mi dispiace…

    tempo, erodeva da vento del cambio

    La tua poesia mi ricorda...when one lets go of something, one gets more than believed possible (e` troppo dificile per me a scriverlo in italiano)

  3. didn't you receive mine?! Or the trick is that was in Italian?!

  4. @ pooja: thanks!

    @ qualcosa di bello: Thank you Deb, I would say the right translation for it would be:

    [ Tempo, consumato
    da venti di cambiamento]


    [ Ho sentito di essere libero
    non appena ho lasciato che il vento prendesse la mia anima]

    thank you for your comment!

    @ claudia: I am so sorry!!! but I haven't received any email from you! If you care to send it again, I'll add it to the post asap!
    the address is

  5. @ qualcosa di bello: the more I read your two lines, the more I like them.

  6. The wonderful connection in the photo and words is the height of discoveries and the wistfulness of
    freedom. We are forever balancing inwardly and outwardly, through time and space, ourselves. Thank you, both.

  7. beautiful photo and excellent juxtaposition of the two quotes, bellissima!

  8. Don't let the time erode your soul. You are doing a great work!Keep on sharing your view of life.

  9. @ green poet: Thank you! Half of the praise goes to "qualcosa di bello".
    I'd be glad to welcome your contribution for the next edition :-)

    @ anonymous: hehe.. don't you worry! Thank you and welcome to my blog.