Thursday, October 16, 2008

Director's cut - Not exactly a spring thought

/ resting alone in a misty sea / the stone is caressed by endless waves / whose existence is but a dream / a play in which my mind / acknowledges its singleness /

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  1. Perfect poem for the picture, and I liked your previous poem as well. They do both instill a feeling of melancholy and loneliness. Life does sometimes seem like that misty sea that rushes by. Tangible, but not quite reality, hiding something from view.

  2. Here you have chosen a photo of one stone, where in the 'call for inspiration' you have chosen a photo of millions of stones facing a path. Though I often feel a sense loneliness, I resonate with the 'one' on so many various levels. Although that may simply be a facet, because when I turn my gaze, I find I am amongst the many 'ones' who are indeed facing the same path of life, living, and death.

  3. @ kristin: well, thank you very much for your kind words. To be honest the posts in this collection aren't meant to be poems by themselves but rather a representation of a link between the original poem and its picture, as I saw it when writing the poem. I started this collection out of some requests ( ) but I should probably stop writing them.

    @ catvibe: so true.