Thursday, October 9, 2008

Modern temples

D300 - 12 mm, 1/80 sec f/4.0, ISO 640

The recent break down in world economy, and most noticeably in the American financial market leaves us with many questions and an unusual sense of uncertainty. I am not competent to discuss causes and remedies and I won't therefore provide any insight into this crisis.
We know now our golden temples can easily be shattered by winds of greed, carelessness and impunity.
Civilizations aren't going to last thousands of years as they did in the past. Have we learned the lesson? How many of us do we need to push global consciousness to a higher level?


  1. That would be a mighty task, A-C. I think eventually a species just wears itself out, and Mother Earth self-corrects. I just saw the "Lucy" exhibit, bones of a homonid that are 3 million years old. The species lasted 700,000 years, and humans have only been around for 200,000. Sometimes I wonder how long we'll last, or if some distant species in the future will uncover our fast food signs and malls under a sea of dirt.

  2. @ kristin: indeed these are deep questions. I would guess that we'll follow the general rule that "everything that has a beginning, has an end", we make no exception.
    Still, I think we are far from annihilation in term of species, but we may face a sudden halt in our cherished way of living. As you also say in your recent post, the relative importance of money, social position and work is far too stretched in our society. And we can't conceive anything different. this is the problem.

  3. Single consciousness surpasses physicality. Our bodies are temples through which the single consciousness of love emits.

  4. Hmmm... an unusual point of view to go with the visual. But I agree with what you said, and what's more, me like.

  5. @ judith: a very inspiring comment judith, one we should all meditate.

    @ pooja: this is perhaps not the best photographic match. I used this pic because this particular mall gallery resembles some churches, provided you replace the relevant parts with a proper piece. too stretched...?

  6. As I said in my latest poem, we all need to keep a cool head. It's like wait and watch. Civilizations might not last but human spirit does.

  7. No matter what civilization survived or not, greed is somewhat part of human nature in some cases. It will always be there. We just need to be patient and the economy will turn around. However, the world is getting less compartmentalized and becoming one. Soon we would call the entire Earth as one human kind civilization. Whether we are ready or not...

  8. That's not a 'rant' (like you said on Gautami's post). Very nicely done. Thank you!

  9. @ todd: I do hope we will soon be calling human kind as one kind. Thank you for your comment.

    @ beth: hehe, maybe not, but it was certainly expressed with less grace than Gautami's poem.

    Thank you for dropping a comment here.