Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Interlude II


  1. Beautiful picture and I love the jazz behind it. what is the best way to capture sunrises and sunsets? Do you need a tripod with the manual setting?

  2. Che bella questa foto! Hai una visione drammatica e romantica del cielo, non è la prima volta che lo noto.
    P.S. ti ho linkato! :-)

  3. Thank you all for your comments.

    @ kristin: you definitely should invest in a good tripod, particularly for low light situations like dusk and dawn, but not exclusively for those. I like the sphere head mounting on a solid & lightweight structure, as you may find on Manfrotto tripods.
    As for settings, I do go manual from time to time although I prefer shooting in shutter priority because I like to control the smoothness of the waves.
    If you own a compact camera though, you should have a specific setting for night or sunset poses. There are also several tutorials on the web. My advise is try, try and try again, and look at the histogram!

    @ mblue: grazie del commento e del link. Ho molte foto del cielo+mare... non mi stanco mai di fotografarlo, anche se alla fine vengono sempre molto simili, eppure...

  4. Cool thanks AC! I am constantly stunned by your photos, and wish I could emulate them. I ride the ferry every day to work and see some magnificent sunrises and sunsets, but whenever I take a picture, the beauty never comes across.

  5. @ kristin: if you have the time, will and money, I suggest you go for a SLR camera, get yourself a decent lens and start shooting in raw format.
    Much of the nuances that make the quality of a photo come from correct exposure and a careful developing of the raw data, which brings colors and details to life.
    Without looking for an artistic result straightaway, for which each of us must undergo some struggle, I believe one can shoot lovely photos by understanding some basic principles of exposure and taking advantage of the online histogram most prosumer cameras offer.

  6. Bellissima...poi mi dirai dove,come e quando :) anche questa ha qualcosa che mi riporta ai miei sogni.