Saturday, October 25, 2008


D300 - 12 mm, 1/160 sec f/14, ISO 200

After these many years

my thirst hasn't been quenched.

We fools,

how happy do we all look

when we believe

we've found a piece of the puzzle.

The fluttering of wings,

a drop of water,

all last longer than a man's dream.


  1. [ Dopo molti anni
    la mia sete non si e' placata.
    Pazzi noi,
    quando sembriamo felici
    quando crediamo
    di aver risolto parte del problema.
    Un battito d'ali
    una goccia d'acqua
    durano piu' a lungo del sogno di un uomo ]

  2. Bellissima poesia...come sempre:Bravo Andre!!! Anche qui c'è da riflettere e parecchio...

  3. I see many metaphors in your beautiful post here. Starting with the picture of the rainbow, your poem implies the elusive pot of gold which is never actually found at the end. The poem could imply the continued pursuit of material items to quench the thirst of our greed, which can never actually be quenched, there is always something we want...and the world's resources suffer because of that. And then there is the thirst for passion, for love, which I'm happy to discover is at least mellowed with age. :-) Beautiful post, thank you.

  4. PS, Your poem just inspired my latest post, thank you for that...

  5. Wonderful. I totally dig what you wrote.

  6. @ amaramara: grazie grazie! Si, c'e' da riflettere, e questo e' uno degli spunti che sono venuti fuori dal posto in cui ho fatto la foto.

    @ Catvibe: wonderful comment Cat. Very keen is your description of the link between the photo and the poem, and very much like what I would have said about it. I even desaturated the rainbow colors a little, to better convey the idea of elusiveness and dream. thank you.

    @ peaceloveyoga: I am glad you liked it. :-)

  7. Very beautiful, AC!

    The first thought that came to mind was - what is this unattainable dream? The second thought was....who knows anything can live longer than someone's dream? Maybe its dreams that make up the fabric of reality.

  8. @ kristin: your comment is very deep and touches one of the great mysteries. Some oriental philosophies say that the universe is created at every instant by thought, a reality which our mind colors and shapes according to its way of functioning.
    If you are keen on reading some enlightening stuff I would suggest this book: "The science of Yoga" Commentary on Patanjali's sutras, by I.K. Taimni.
    I have probably cited this book before... there are many commentaries available on these sutras but I have found his approach particularly deep and affine to my thinking, probably because he is a chemistry professor.

  9. Thanks for the suggestion, A-C, I will check that book out!

  10. i really like both photo and words very much indeed...

  11. @ na': Hi! glad to see you back on line, and thank you for your kind comment.

  12. Ogni giorno uno spunto nuovo per riflettere, un'immagine da collezionare... grazie.

  13. @ elis@: sei gentilissima, grazie a te del commento.

  14. this poem reminds me of one of the concepts with which i is more than who we are. but it also reminds me of the other side of that struggle...i don't carry the weight of the world on my shoulders & when i set that false idea down, i am lighter...letting go means one is open to more than ever imagined. finding joy in those little things may seem foolish to some but it is joy nonetheless. i think it is good that your thirst has not been that you are fully alive.
    un abbraccio grande...

  15. @ qualcosa di bello: letting go.... this is the key for healing. Thank you.