Thursday, October 23, 2008

Prelude in B [sharp/flat/logged]

These interludes are meant to be used as background music while reading the blog. At the beginning I tried to match music and images but it didn't turn out to be straightforward, mainly due to my limited knowledge and an incipient decline of my memory. In addition I didn't want to add yet-another-artistic collection, or this blog would soon become very boring and dull.
I'd rather have them break the flow, as interludes should. As for comments, I liked what happened on the first post of this series; I'd wish them to be an open ground, that is not necessarily related to the music or picture posted.
The first two posts were a test for the format and the player. After some trials I think I have found the right balance, which will be effective starting from the next post of this collection.

From Italy with love

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  1. ...anch'io passo sempre qui, ma non scrivo mai. grazie per aver lasciato traccia di te!
    Buona giornata!